The history of the waters of La Léchère

The discovery of La Léchère’s thermal waters in the middle of the 19th century was a real fairy tale. The saga continues with the subsequent spa era and the development of geothermal energy, plunging us into the fabulous adventure of the waters of La Léchère.

The waters of La Léchère

La Léchère’s thermal waters, a fabulous source of energy and wellbeing, first emerged on a May evening in 1859. Aquacalida tells the story of the waters of La Léchère and examines today’s energy challenges.

The water that flows from the Earth at La Léchère is surprisingly hot. The people of the Tarentaise Valley have made good use of this precious geological resource for over a century. Through the spa, created in 1897, and the much-more-recent geothermal installations, it has proved to be a veritable fountain of youth!

A great discovery

La Léchère’s history has been shaped by the discovery of its thermal waters, which provide alternative solutions to some of the issues facing modern societies. Between energy solutions and medical progress, these waters have a bright future.


Trois récits photographique pour revivre la découverte de la source thermale, la création des thermes de la Léchère-les-Bains, les prémisses de la géothermie en Tarentaise.

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